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East Harlem Tax Service

Small Business Financial Coaching

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East Harlem Tax Service believes if an entrepreneurial understands the accounting process for their business. That business will stay in business longer than 5 years.

East Harlem Tax Services provides Entrepreneurial Financial Coaching to small business owners under $150,000 who want to be consistent and grow.

What is Entrepreneurial Financial Coaching?

Entrepreneurial Financial Coaching helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and direct sales representatives to discuss their financial goals, business challenges and report on their successes along the way. Our Entrepreneurial Financial Coaching program is a four-month program that will help you create your ideal financial blueprint for your business and help you increase your profits.

Why Entrepreneurial Financial Coaching?

Here are the top four ways entrepreneurs, small business owners, and direct sales representatives can benefit from our coaching program:

Price your services or product correctly. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, many small businesses fail because they don’t know how to price their products or services.

Help you understand costs and how they impact your business. Help you understand what an indirect and direct cost is and how to cut down on your indirect costs to grow your business.

Achieve your financial goals more quickly. With our planning process, you’ll know what you need to do each week to help reach your financial goals and see your profits grow.

Take your business to another profitable level. This is what all small business owners want? You create your financial blueprint and execute it with confidence.

How it works

16 x 2-hour weekly flexible coaching calls

You are in the driver seat on how we meet. If you live in New York City we can meet in-person or via web conferencing.

We’ll uncover your pricing inconsistencies and correct your pricing model, to help you gain more profits from your services or products. We’ll create systems and blueprints that will work toward your financial goals and create easy to use systems for you to be able to do it by yourself.

Your unique welcome blueprint

Each business is different and this will help shape your financial blueprint with our first call. This will help us see where your pricing challenges are and any other underlying business challenges you face.

Unlimited email support during your financial coaching 

The best part of this coaching program is that you can reach me to ask any question, issues or just to vent over email.

Weekly action plan

You’ll have a customized action plan for you to work on before our next weekly meeting.

Resources & Network Opportunities

Throughout the program, I’ll offer additional support and networking opportunities for you to meet other entrepreneurs to grow your business. I also have a dedicated Facebook group for you to meet other entrepreneurs that would love an online group.

Coaching Success Guidelines

To learn more about how I coach make your appointment for a free 30 minute call